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Business Tax Returns

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Companies preparing business taxes in Hawaii are plenty.  It is important to choose the right company for your business taxes,  and any company needs to make this decision responsibly. There are multiple factors that one needs to consider some of which are does the company offer bookkeeping and payroll services and how accessible is your tax professional throughout the year. We believe that a good bookkeeper and a tax professional is an essential partner in the business’ future growth.

When it comes to corporate taxes it is absolutely essential to sweat the small stuff. When and how did the ownership percentage change, does the balance sheet reflect the correct amount of depreciation, are the proper retained earnings accounted for etc. Although we see many small business owners trying to do their bookkeeping themselves to save on professional costs. Rarely a match for work performed by an experienced bookkeeper. DIY bookkeeping oftentimes lack essential financial documents such as statements of Cash Flows, Balance Sheet and Equity Statement. In case of an audit, do-it-yourself financial statements stand to hold more harm than benefit.

Erase Your Tax Frustrations

We're excited to build the best possible tax strategy for your company. 

  • Small business tax preparation must be combined with quality consulting if you're going to succeed as an entrepreneur. Our platform is built on this idea.  If you're tired of hearing from your tax accountant once a year and are looking for more proactive support, then start by getting a free tax consult with us.
  • You need to know what's going on.  Without a plan, taxes can destroy the growth trajectory of any business.

Here at Tax Services of Hawaii we'll teach you to never FEAR taxes again.  We don't offer cookie cutter services, instead we customize everything to meet your needs and expectations.  Having an experienced tax professional makes a huge difference in the tax strategy you apply for the coming years.  You need a plan and a professional to keep the plan on track.  Small business tax preparation is only part of the equation.

At Tax Services of Hawaii, we do more than just prepare your return.  You get a tax partner to help you throughout the year.  Each quarter, your tax consultant will analyze your tax strategy and meet with you to discuss your options.

From now on, you'll know what your tax liability is and you'll have a plan to manage it.  As one of the most affordable and experienced tax firms for entrepreneurs, we are geared to serve you and your business at our highest level.

No matter your entity structure, we can help maximize your deductions.  Our comprehensive business tax preparation will ensure no money is left on the table and give you piece of mind and confidence to file your tax return.  We use advanced technologies and practices to ensure the time spent on your tax return is focused on strategy and accuracy instead of data input.

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